Crisis in Excelsis



Who believes there is a God:

the bankers who loaned thousands

or the recipient without a job?

The bankers who brought down the economy

or the man who lost his home?


Yes, who believes there is a God:

the fraudulent bankers who got away scot-free

or the angry people who were wronged?


3 World Wars

49 Moon landings

386 years without poverty

that’s how much it cost the taxpayers

to bailout Wall Street banking.


In their rare moment of weakness

the dragons should have been dismembered.

But it’s business as usual:

Regulation-lite markets

dominated by the few;

money buying power,

power generating money;

midnight threats to presidents,

democracies brought down

by the snap of a finger.


Who believes in bankers?

Well not Jesus

who cleansed the temple of greed.


Bankers are not clever

but they employed ex-rocket scientists

who magicked formulas

to generate wealth without risk;

they took it on trust

none of the bankers grasped the details.

Why didn’t they intuit

that laws governing space

cannot predict the future reliably

when it’s filled with people?


Who believes there is a God:

The bankers orchestrating brainwashing

or young people imprisoned for debt?

The bankers looting a planet

or the rioters trashing a store?


Yes, who says, “We got away with it.

Alleluia, it’s a miracle!”


It’s the bankers

whose private helicopter

hovers above

like the angel of death

while below them

the world is consumed.


John Tissandier
Illustration Nick Victor

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