Current state of play at L-13…

…facilitated by Jan Woolf, a fawning devotee

International Times: So, whats going on with L13 these days?

Steve Lowe: Its all systems go at L13 right now with a full team slaving away at the coal face of artwith no piss breaks allowed. Weve just shipped out a complete edition of prints by The New Not Banksy Realisation to Japan to help raise funds for an animalcharity run by a shop/gallery in Miyazki. Weve developed a bit of a relationship with Liberty/Gallery DNA starting a Japanese Not Banksy NeoNihilist NotArt Nothingist faction known as The New Not Banksy Realisation of the Rising Sun. The Not Banksy elves have also been working on a series ofspray paint pieces that well release next month. They’vebeen doing this amongst the rubble of the building site next door to us whilst being watched over by the exarmy security with their vicious dog.

Meanwhile Harry Adams has been hard at work preparing for an exhibition opening on 19th June: COLLIDER part 3 (an installation), being paintings of great terror and beauty featuring flooded lands and turbulent skies shown alongside oak trees grown by the artist and displayed on sound emitting plinths over 3 floors of a retrofuturistic art clinic in the heart of Mayfair. Were holding off having a private view / party until the 25th when hopefully the Covid restrictions will be lifted. If any IT readers want to come to this they should RSVP to

Jimmy Cautys MdZ ESTATE Tour is back on the road and currently in Edinburgh hosted by the fantastic Society of the Spectacles in association with NorthEdinburgh Arts. For those not familiar with Jimmys work they should check it out on our website as a matter of urgency. The MdZ ESTATE Tour is a tour of one of his dystopian model villages, this time 4 concrete towerblocksat 1:24 scale, traveling the world in a 40 foot shipping container. Its always free to view at point of delivery and is quite frankly amazing. Everyone should see it. His Aftermath Dislocation Principle model is currently in Eindhoven in the Netherlands but we hope to bring it back soon to join the other container, then eventually have a semipermanent exhibition site in Thamesmead that would include a third container: The Shunt Resistor Wall of Death Experience.

Weve just started work on a new Jamie Reid book called Rogue Materials. This will be a sister companion to XXXXX we published in 2018 and features Jamies Xerox artworks dating from the 1970s. Well also have an exhibition of these + a book launch in Clerkenwell in November. Jamie also recently collaborated with Sisters of Perpetual Resistance troublemaker SisterVoilaon some flyposters that were pasted up around Jamies home town of Liverpool with the help of Ragged Kingdoms John Marchant.

Talking of books we just published a new Billy Childish novella thats being printed in 13 parts. All chapbooks with a screen printed box to put them in. The first partis out and the second part will be ready soon. The subscription for the standard edition is £75 which seems expensive for a book, but when you break down the costs including postage it works out at only £2.50 per part. As a limited edition its fantastic value for money and everyone should subscribe. Its also a great yarn about the experience of a dysfunctional dyslexic art student, written in the spelling and dialect of its protagonist Gustov Claudius. Its also very funny.

Then, if that wasntenough from Mr Childish, we have 3 no 4 vinyl LPs in production and two45s. The first of which will be available soon as a small prerelease Test Pressing edition (ie expensive) and for preorderfor the regularedition. The world has gone vinyl crazy during the lockdown so the production time to make an LP is now something like 6 months. Were working well advance to help Billys ambition of releasing 13 LPs in one year along with his record label Damaged Goods. He says its a Career in a Year. But someone needs to either stop him or open new pressing plants as a matter of urgency.There is morebuttimes up, so thats it for now folks!

Steve Lowe, 11th June 2021
L13 Light Industrial Workshop and Private Ladies and Gentlemens Club for Art Leisure and the Disruptive Betterment of Culture

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