we owe them nothing

they didn’t invent the alphabets

uphold the national objectives

wipe them out from the face of the planet, cleanse them

off all the known and unknown universes for good measure

here are the four cuts they most deserve


1. cut their food

2. cut their funds

3. cut their recruit

4. cut their intelligence


cut in the name of god

cut in the name of growth

cut in the name of diamond jubilee

cut for the sake of love

cut, it doesn’t cut it


come on, let’s be honest

now that your misappropriation case seems to have tailed off

can you become more transparent than the malt whisky in your glass

look…there are fifty-five million poets earnestly

awaiting your payoff in your country



they attempted to pickaxe her out of the cancer

they said it’d extend her life for one month

she only wanted an assisted suicide

by the time she left

there were two supernovas for her breasts



cut because you are whatever you are

out of the earth you came as sharp as a bamboo shoot

as blunt as a mushroom, or twirled and twisted like a bean sprout,

big-headed but just one among a million equally big heads,

because you happen to be in the season and you also happen to be

a snappy-springy asparagus


cut the crap

mango doesn’t compliment dal when you have diarrhoea

i only let you hold my hand and you wanted to touch my lips

you can’t leapfrog over a chasm

february brings on the sniffles, and june, light drizzles

custor-oil plant is always the king in the jungle of weeds

cut the crack


i tell you what

if you divide 22 by 7

it will never end





ko ko thett
Image Nick Victor

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