Dear Family and Friends

Dear Family and Friends,
I am developing a machine that will reveal an ant’s thought process, thought by thought. The attached photo is from an earlier prototype of the machine, which shows an ant grasping the dried blossom of a thought. The ant is about to have a new thought, but at this moment has not released the old one. The machine I am inventing will produce videos of an ant’s thoughts during a 10-second period. The thoughts will be displayed as images, usually mildly to moderately blurred, and occasionally in sharp focus.
As you have all heard me mention at the dinner table, or on walks, or during poker games, there are approximately 1.6 million ants per person on our planet. The commercial and/or artistic uses of my machine will be countless. Anyone who contributes time or money to my project will be guaranteed a percentage of the eventual profits, said percentage to be determined after I obtain all applicable patents.
You know how to reach me.



John Levy

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