Death is festival

Death is a occasion like Dashain
To honour the life.
One expects nothing from death
And nothing is expected by death
Salvation, because of death
Is ultimate freedom, eternal peace.
Like, the sun is source of each energy
Death is inspiration for each creativity.
Death is not absence of life
Death is full of life.
Like a sculpture carved in a stone.
Death is not curse
It a boon.
Life must be grind and wait for years
To welcome its arrival
Like the flower welcomes springs.
Death is festival welcome it by
Grand celebration.





©️©️©️©️ to
Kumar Ghimire
Biratnagar-12, Nepal
Art William Blake


Bio of the poet: Kumar Ghimire is a student of BBA in Lincoln University. He writes poems in Nepali and English. His poems have been published on various national and international platforms like Sahitya Post, Himalaya Diaries, Polish Magazine from Greece, spill words, synchronized chaos, writers club etc.

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