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Alienism isn’t an idea, but the repudiation of an empty premise.

Alienism abjures the notion that the personal is political: “individual autonomy” is pure sarcasm.

“Collective consciousness” is TV ratings.

Alienism doesn’t seek the redistribution of meaning, but the permanent devolution of its “modes of production.”

The sole universal “positivism” is entropy.

Alienist poetics aren’t a subversion of language, but a “return” to the meaning of language as subversion.

Experimentation isn’t a search for new aesthetic forms to exploit, but for weapons against the old collusion of morality & profit.

Alienism declares that all experience flows from delusional technologies.

Failure isn’t inevitable to art, but a necessary step on the path of its disillusionment.

Alienism asserts that “politics” & “culture” aren’t benign outgrowths of a human cancer, but instruments of oppression in the hands of idiots.

Art is the negation of “humanity” by future emanations, a gravitational lens held up to the will-to-power forged in the crucible of its own redundancy.

Alienist theatre doesn’t seek to awaken the world to injustice & inequality, but to abolish such a world that needs to be awakened in the first place.

Power is only corrupt when it pretends to be something else.

Alienism isn’t a political movement that seeks to reform or improve the existing system: it is the antithesis of all “political systems.”

New possibilities for “understanding” & “expression” are the productive labour of alienation.

Alienism recognizes that the forces of oppression won’t give up power willingly: it does not seek consent.


Interior Ministry

April 2023



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