Because the mania seems so universal
Does not declare it yet ‘reality’
Nor ‘progress’   –   there is no repose
But a craze for competitive ageing

No quarter for computer-baffled buffers
Clear them out for techno-coated bipeds
They’re on their screens till ten
Then pace the treadmills in their gym again

Meanwhile a sinister weather
Writhes in freezing fogs or wreaths
Brazen burning tribute
To monetarist myopics
Who train our young in a trade
Then make that trade redundant

Planet earth
Is another name for injustice   –
Once its systems balanced
The mud of man foresaw no counterweight

Lip service paid to ethical laws
Proved elastic then dissolved
So it is with moral law   –
Justice is liquidity

And we are all in liquidation




Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer





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