Vapour Eyes


The planes with their vapour trails high in the sky
Spread their sweet droplets to make the clouds cry
Flames, fingers in the forest air, crackle, then fade
As bombers spread water, reflections of our age 

Ladies, dressed up, watch in this hall of spectacles
The players on the stage, mirror us as ghouls
My mind full; ash and dust in the air, I cannot see
Believe it or not, vapours are rippling through me 

The Hell Bus here*, USA camp at Burning Man flood
Engines hum comfort; as rain turns desert to mud
Merciless sun beats, eyes blurred, haze on horizon
My mouth is dry, I walk the fields, cross the rubicon 

Water everywhere on the land and the sea
But nothing to drink in this heat safe for me


©   Christopher 2023 



An aside:

*  Darren Cullen

2nd September 2023 with info. & tour dates



TWT23 // Programme from 7 to 10 October 2023 in Liverpool 




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