Pushing the envelope is the name of the game,
Duetting with herself
The Princess rehearsed her funky anthems,
Started up a multi-function display
Heart-warming, uplifting and beyond the cringe
Like go faster while you wait and
Boost Under Flap
Urban entertainment deranged and estranged.

We have no idea how it happened
Blam! That was it!

The Dark Zone Nebula is up ahead
We are in a trance state all lined up
And ready to go miles from nowhere
Pull the plug, respect our shared values blah blah
Vile rants and snap decisions aren’t good enough, well,
Not at this speed, photobombing along the highway,
Across the new and exclusive Way of the World
Theme park for Gonzo Girls fitted by our experts.

It’s all kicking off now or never – the Eternal Lifestyle
Mission – are we ready?





AC Evans
Illustration Nick Victor

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