Ordo Ab Chao



To hell
with all the
cognitive dissonance,
patty-cake, Pollyannaish bullshit…
pretending like everything
is just hunky-dory
because the corporately sponsored news
just sold you a bill of goods
about the latest drug
released by the Medical Industrial Death Machine
that will happily kill your mind,
numb every neuron, and
place you in a catatonic zombie hallucination
so you no longer have to deal
with the big bad wolves
roaming loose
around the real world.

Just close your eyes,
say goodnight, and
drift away into the trance
of a trendy culture
that’s more concerned
with looking cool, saying the “right” things,
being politically correct, and
going along to get along
without rocking the boat
or upsetting the apple cart.

Well, fuck that –
I say topple the cart,
crush every apple, suck down the juice,
and rev up on the raw electric fuel
from a new tree of knowledge.
Cast off the deadly sins
of politically correct nonsense
by taking a sword
straight to the guts
of the lies and deceptions
spewed forth from the mouth
of the fascist swine
who try to pull the wool
over the flock’s eyes
while the wolves behind the curtain
dress up like sheep
and pull the strings of society
in whatever way the real puppet masters order.

Just say no
to the drug of blind obedience
that the predator class wants to fill your veins with,
and cast off
from the filthy persuasion
of a two-party false paradigm
rigged and run by the same crony, offshore,
international banking interests
that scam the system
with monopoly money derivatives
which will surely wind up drowning us all
in an ocean of fake debt
if we don’t say, “screw that,”
pretty damn soon
and put the kibosh
on this twisted kabuki theater madness.

Scott Thomas Outler
Illustration Nick Victor

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