grave         allegro ma non molto       grave

This year is the 76th   anniversary of the bombing of Dresden Germany – a cultural city destroyed by Allied Forces to merely show Stalin their might – since his troops were to occupy the city a few days later.  The number of people who lost their lives will never be known… I dedicate this creation & questioning to them . .. …  and Antonio Vivaldi

dim dusty dusk
notes scattered across the Elbe
mist & fog shroud the clefs & cityscape
hindsight is taken
as truth – reality
not expectation

my soul & being
bombarded by forces allied
to take & destroy destiny
once meant for me
unwritten movements of chamber music
inside me & amongst the rubbled building walls

lost in a poetic lair
within the rhythms of instruments
seeking shelter & refuge
the port of call
closed & abandoned
yet wharfs laden

crossing the river of profane & profound
remains of the oldest bridge span holds my passage
perhaps I should wander to the Czech border
across what is left of Saxony & myself
burning memories & music
echoing upon silenced waters

where will dawn find me
crescendoing first words about the last ending
what hides in this restless city
the reorchestration of life
merely laden with smoke & shadows
a lost & forgotten symphony







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