Driving out of Town

Riding through the heartland

The weight of the world pressing down

And sanity’s just a touch away

She’d love to believe that was true

She’s headed for the thin grey light

She’s headed for a better life

She’s wearing her options down

She’s driving out of town

People who gave everything

Got nothing in return

The anger and frustration

The talent left to burn

There’s nothing left to give

And nothing left to learn

She’s facing the future down

She’s driving out of town


On a morning bright with stars

A million miles from home

Maybe I’ll bring you down

When you’re driving out of town


Driving through the heartland

History is a mess

A catastrophe for everyone

We never can redress

And you can never hide

With your animus and your pride

But don’t let it bring you down

When you’re driving out of town




For the purposes of this recording, Necessary Animals are:


Amanda Thompson – vocals, guitar, piano

Ingvild Syntropia – vocals

Kath Allsopp – violin

Fritz Catlin – percussion

Lee Igglesden – guitar, drums

Keith Roday – bass, guitar

Nick Weekes – keyboard

Copyright Necessary Animals/Yellow Fish records 2019

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