Duncan J Wynne RIP

 Guitarist/songwriter – Reality Attack and Buff

Drakey Shaun: “The best friend, my brother, my inspiration, I feel lost.” 

From their own promo blurb:

“Reality Attack are a crusty traveller punk band born out of the squats and sites of the late ‘80s early ‘90s with raw guitar and bass driven riffs with solid drum beats and considered lyrics.”

Alan Dearling shares some images, sounds and memories.  


‘Course’ the police are coming’: video from Calum Young: https://www.facebook.com/1674344942792255/videos/296944977574519

Duncan, Skitz poet/Reality Attack version: ‘This is My England’: https://soundcloud.com/skitz-poet/04-this-is-my-england?ref=clipboard&p=a&c=0&utm_campaign=social_sharing&utm_medium=text&utm_source=clipboard


And a live version video from Richard Molde Chester, who says: “Duncan will be jamming with the best.”: https://www.facebook.com/richard.chester.315/videos/672915053634233

Binbag Pig Collective version with video montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZFlIEFOz8M


DS Dan and Drakey wrote to me: “Reality Attack started in Bath with Duncan and Drakey – 2 lads originally from Nelson. Back in the days, more than a few from all over the country and all walks of life went on the road to join the Convoy and live in fields. Some of us settled down and Duncan settled in Bath. Reality Attack formed as a 2 piece, did a couple of gigs together with a drum machine and recorded the ‘SHOCKERWICK’ demo in the Tears For Fears’ studio there. Duncan was also an original Buff member…Claire West was mates with them too whilst in their travelling days, and through Claire, Dan met Loki again and he went on to join Buff in 2014. Sadly Loki passed away in the same year and Drakey asked Dan if he would drum for Reality Attack at Loki’s wake and Reality Attack, the full band was born. They got their first festival at Surplus fest 2015 and did more than a few gigs and festivals before Doobs Monsterometer joined for a couple of gigs after a chance meeting at Inspirali, which they played. They also played Surplus 2016 and supported Subhumans, whilst Dan played that gig with Buff. Doobs then formed Monsterometer and pursued that before Dan came on board again did many gigs and festivals with that line up supporting many great bands whilst building a reputation on the live scene.

A few stand-ins along the way, including Astral Kat, Rufus Peace, and Tony Alli who all played one gig and more than a few stage invasions by Adam Holden. Reality Attack played the same set for a while until Drakey wrote ‘Schizophrenic Civilization’ and Lizzy came on board to play bass on that and Tribal.  This was so Drakey could go up front more as Dunc was starting to get ill with COPD by this time. Reality Attack played their last gig as that line up at an old Church in Cardiff where they aired a new song ‘Feral people’, which they regretfully never got to record in the Tribazik studio as planned.

Duncan Wynne very sadly passed away on 21st OCTOBER 2021. R.I.P Duncan Wynne – your songs will go on forever, as will our love for you, our brother.” DS Dan and Drakey xx

Cs Gas techno mix:


Cs Gas techno mix:

A version of Reality Attack at Surplus Festi in 2019.



‘Spartan’, Chris the Poet and Lee Goodier, with Duncan on guitar:

Reality Attack promo video montage for ‘Jay’s Song’ with lots of images of Duncan and his punk musical mates:


And, Chris McDonald’s video of Duncan playing acoustic and singing at Kintbury last year on the Kennet and Avon Canal:

And finally, my pic of Duncan sleeping peacefully…


Luv ‘n respect to Duncan’s soulmate, Ariel Seratonin Jones, his family,
and his many friends amongst the Traveller and Festi ‘Family’. He’ll be much missed… As Rob Stainer, aka, Yeti, has posted on Duncan’s timeline: “Fly High ‘n Fly Free!”


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2 Responses to Duncan J Wynne RIP

    1. Rest in punk Dunc.
      Lots of love. Remembering you always.
      Love and strength to Kat and the family

      Comment by Llinos Belcher on 4 November, 2021 at 9:54 am
    2. Love always as ever and forever love
      Proud to be a fan and happy your in my heart forever always ♥

      Comment by Sallyann Redgrave on 4 November, 2021 at 10:32 am

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