Dynoline 4

Invisible Insurrection.  Absolute Baby Nation. State implodes.  Ratchet’s Cuckoo’s  Racket. Don’t get mad, get even. Poison embroidery sanitization. Fried friend. Sudden Dead Clarity Roulette. [chant] TTIP. Six clambered cesspit gun. Bent dice rolls augury;  pummelled fate.  Mutter sty drab corny Twitter barrage maelstrom! Strontium ballad aggravation. Twisted corn. Abdication revamped, tyranicide.  Gregarious optimism  implosion. Recital buggered.  Christian bathos (God not ded.)   Calamitous oyster misdemeanour. Adagio gibbet, sky dance, Tyburn.  Loose at avian roulette. Blistered lozenge.  Vinyl gabardine, swine?  Swivel fandango hospital. Celestial Peacock.  defeatist baggage.  Fervid scumble cash crash.  Garrotted murk disciple. Calling all scarred toys.  Lame stoic faggot; androgyny inversion? Aghast?  Prefabricated  censor, rephrased, reborn.  Tequila curvature, acid twist, hash bash.  Balsam bomb. Circumlocutory  razor. Chariot Peacock. Yea! Fragility bound in rajah hovel,  antibiotic hermitage?  Geisha excapes scarlet lodgement. Prophylactic glue slattern  banished.  Succulent grape leech banished. Galvanic octopus stymied.   Shellac twine guilty as hell. Scattered privet,  scholastic.  Cobalt briquette.  Muffin shipwreck now class A.  Dorsal mayhem next.  Hostel poker saves nine.  Anvil pugilist on our side.  Exuding blinkers save woman 97. Loyalty; wins.  La Lute Noir continues. A la lantern. Deceased clinometer rite twice daily.  Pantyhouse hooky paradox.  Snappy arithmetic taught  monkey to shine. Streptomycin  cutlass  dividend. Emetic Janus ends year.  Airliner racing.

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    1. Most bungenitous.

      Comment by Luke on 13 June, 2015 at 12:50 am

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