does yr destiny know you’re here

as underground pumps his ideas up
to the surface idols guard the gates
the weather’s arbitrary and stale-headed
an imprimé

don’t remember swallow close 20 mouth

citizen 808 123 going by the nameless
don’t remember
prisoner 800 123 stand up
something plays wheels turn

does yr destiny know you’re here

easy to say

does yr destiny know you’re here

ooblies oblique
code people on weed
yestermergency a one
true-blue ikon-reality central

taking flak for bullying the musicians outside the pub with drunk questions ‘’what’s your favourite drummer?’’

i don’t believe in nothing
i believe in something
the poet was a dog who wanted more
behind friendly eyes

they fuck feelings so on on so
one cent at a time, b
money is everything, Agnes
They is impersonal

a Message To You Routine
you’re not a journalist day and night bleech
file a report on this


new human
does yr ability know you’re here

fire burning ashes of desire e carabinieri

and then there’s deception  and
for the deception  of something

they sell six important items:
selfie stick, burberry scarves, green laser,
ugly bracelets, flowers, and cold water

Clemens XI
Pont MAX

take this bracelet for
free it’s yours it’s my son’s b-day its five
euros have to eat

she wears the colour of trash and desire
some deep red and pink, with dark hair
she don’t look too smart, crossing the street
but she’s carnal enough,
just enough to

new eye does yr dest
out of nothing

I want my soul back neck
Whore of the Absolute /lv

already autumn and no tan
, a new kind of gentleness, and life
Life is not over,
Life begins spectacular
Beyond klieg lights

Of lit canvas
Conducive to emotional energy
And abstract envy
Firing with
Immensities of light and order

beers, scenic
gift 2

a phone number could be
a porthole
to new fabulous
a girl is to confirm
electricity and sound

God is hate. God is love. And everything in between. Or
nothing at all.
Good show,
guys. Hope to repeat.

to wwwhere politics maestro – jets little man

on sweet life

everything everywhere


Bogdan Puslenghea
Iluustration Nick Victor


By Bogdan Puslenghea

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