Earth Body Art

Earth Body Art will open at the Museo Civico di Santa Croce in Umbertide, Italy on the 12th July and run to 3rd November 2013 as part of Piccoli e Grandi Musei, Capolavori in Valtiberina. The exhibition will show works from Liliane Lijn’s Earth Art series of wearable art works.
‘I gioielli nelle culture antiche e cosiddette primitive avevano un potere apotropaico e funzionavano come amuleti. Anche le opere di Liliane Ljin possono considerarsi talismani contemporanei, in grado di canalizzare il vigore terrestre per offrirlo a chi vi entrerà in contatto.’ – Marinella Caputo, Curator, Perugia
‘Lijn’s jewellery takes us far back and far afield. Temporally, it links our contemporary lives to our unimaginably distant past. Spatially, it connects us to the deepest recesses of our planet, the white-hot liquid magma at the Earth’s core; to the mud and minerals nearer the earth’s surface; and to the farthest reaches of our universe, where unknown worlds are perpetually making and unmaking themselves. These pieces are extensions too, in microcosm, of Lijn’s wider artistic practice. Like the pieces for which she is best known, her jewellery reflects Lijn’s pioneering oeuvre  at the intersection of art, science, technology, Eastern philosophy and female mythology.’ –  Marcia Tanner, Curator & Writer, Berkeley, California
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue designed by Richard Wilding, with texts by Marinella Caputo, curator of the exhibition and Marcia Tanner.
Earlier in June The Art of Not Making, curated by Michael Petry, opened in Hå gamle prestegard, Norway. The exhibition shows Lijn’s Mountain Koans, 2005, alongside works by Mike Kelley, Angela de la Cruz and Gavin Turk amongst others. 
The exhibition will run until the 25th August 2013, with a symposium taking place on 21st August  with speakers including Liliane Lijn, Viel Bjerkeset Andersen and Michael Petry. For more information please visit
The exhibition accompanies Michael Petry’s recent publication with Thames and Hudson, The Art of Not Making: The New Artist/Artisan Relationship
The Art of Not Making, installation view at Hå gamle prestegard, Norway. Image credit Michael Petry.
Liliane Lijn will join a panel of speakers at the Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre for an intimate evening of discussion on the 26th July 2013. 
The panel, including Toby Zielger, Lizzie Nielson and Sacha Craddock, will discuss ‘True and False: There’s no such thing as sculpture‘.
This is a fundraising event, tickets will be available through Eventbrite from the middle of next week, please visit the centre’s Facebook page for further information
Listen again to Liliane Lijn’s interview with Simon Tyszko for Isotopica on Resonance FM 

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