Egg-citement Brewing – British Barley, US hops


Kirk: This is Kirk Applefield for Raga TV. Today, I’m back in Gloucestershire with a very special guest outside Harry Potter’s cathedral. There are a few thousand citizens out here, camped near the docks, brewing the wedding excitement. How are you doing guys? Allright, yeah? Good, good! I brought along Mickey who’s been camping for over two weeks now. Hi, Mickey, you are live on Raga TV. Fantastic. So, yeah, you’ve been here, how long?

Mickey Mouse: Yeah, man, we’ve camped here last week, like, and we ‘fought to get to see the bride, like everybody else. Am I really live?

Kirk: Hi, Mickey, yes you are live, yeah. So, ..

Mickey Mouse: Sorry mate, what did you ask, just woken up.

Kirk: Hi, Mickey, what brought you here?

Mickey Mouse: Oh, yeah. I suppose to revise for my Music GSCE. I’m composing wedding music, see, and about a monf ago I sent the couple a track I’ve done for them. I mean is good work experience, right? I mean, yeah, I sat down and just did it, like, I thought Meg would ‘preciate it. Been doing wedding music for a couple of years but never fought to take it seriously. People like my music so I thought to do more of it, innit’?

Kirk: You are into music, yeah. I can see the excitement is building up. So, you hope they’ll play your tune at the wedding.

Mickey Mouse: Yeah man, I mean I worked hard specially with the lyrics writing, cause I’m doing my English GSCE next year, so I’m still rusty with poetry and everyfing else.
Kirk: Oh yeah, I remember back in the day and is not easy.

Mickey Mouse: Sometimes it comes easy when you think of it. But some days you can’t fing of anything so it takes days of sitting until the inspiration comes.

Kirk: So where do you get inspiration for your music from?

Mickey Mouse: From everyday life and the computer innit’ and just write about it.

Kirk: So you get your lyrics of the internet, yeah?

Mickey Mouse: Yeah, mate.

Kirk: Can you perform a bit live for us?

Mickey Mouse: ‘course man. This is for Meg:
I remember you was conflictin’/
in a black dress under a white coat /
and I fought /
that face I’ve seen somewhere else /
in a movie about the abuse of power.
Resent me! Resent me, babe!
Those around me keep on running /
I stand and convince myself /
the stripes I’ve got represent my past /
but yours /
represent my future.
Resent me! Resent me, babe!
No chance in the doggy-doggy fight /
I’m convinced /
that dress is bullet proof
I’m convinced it’s against repetition
and revolution and honesty.
That dress is against me, babe!
Kirk: Thank you, Mickey. I’m afraid we’ve run out time. Amanda, back in the studio.


Maria Stadnicka

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