Everything Is The Light


Everything is the Light – An Interview with Nikola Tesla
Narrated By: Gary Lite

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My understanding is that this story is from a play, but if you listen carefully, you will find gems of wisdom! A mind-boggling article had surfaced a little while back, about a lost or intentionally hidden interview, with the master of electricity, Nikola Tesla. Circulating rumours suggest that the “Interview” is a fake, but how do we prove it? Impossible!

Well, we now know that the article comes from the theater play, ‘Tesla: Or Customisation of an Angel.’ meaning, “customisation of Tesla,” by Stevan Pešić, a Serbian playwright, but the real question is, did Nikola Tesla really conduct such an interview?

We are all hungry for more of Nikola Tesla’s wisdom on spirituality and his relationship with Swami Vivekananda and we get a beautiful glimpse of that in this interview, even if it’s fake, it still holds thought provoking wisdom. 

The play started as a radio drama in Serbia. It became very popular and was made into a theatre play, and was first performed in Belgrade in 1995.

The play was made into a film twice—In 2001 and in 2014.

Apparently, as an inspiration to Stevan Pešić to write this play, he used a true interview given by scientist Nikola Tesla, for the magazine “Immortality” in his laboratory in Colorado Springs.

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