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Factory Farming is Illegal!
Clare Druce has worked alongside us since the early days of Hillside and was even instrumental in its founding. For many years she has been a campaigner and leading authority on the plight of farmed animals, especially the suffering that poultry endure in the intensive factory farming industry.  Along with Peta Watson-Smith, an ex-RSPCA Trustee, Clare has launched this ‘Factory Farming is Illegal’ Petition to highlight to the Secretary of State for Agriculture that Factory Farming systematically ignores existing UK animal welfare legislation.
Clare and Peta will personally present the signed petitions to the Secretary of State…


This picture was taken on a broiler farm during a Hillside Farm Animal Investigation.

UK animal protection law demands that intensively-farmed
animals must be inspected thoroughly at least once a day.
Just imagine the daily task of trying to inspect 45 thousand
broiler chickens. Or, 10 thousand ducks together in one
shed. It’s impossible!


A Lifetime’s Work helping Farm Animals

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Clare Druce has always been willing to help us expose atrocities by sharing her in-depth knowledge of farming practices. She has joined us in top level meetings with the RSPCA to ‘battle it out’ regarding their flawed Freedom Food scheme. Clare has detailed her life’s work campaigning for farm animals in this enlightening book, CHICKEN’S LIB (Hardback edition) …
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By Heidi Stephenson

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    1. So important that we raise our voices against this terrible treatment of animals. Who would want to live like this?

      Comment by Derek Finch on 21 September, 2019 at 6:56 pm

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