First Monsoon



Immigrant pregnant clouds in this high time

Preparing to deliver aerial showers,

Huge watery vessels, like a developed baby

Too heavy to hold in atmospheric womb;

With lightening proclaiming over the vastness

Of the supply of life fluids,

Weary peasants restless eyes wait for

Their intimate Dark Relatives,

Timorous honeybees, humble sparrows at bowers,

Come; welcome the procession of yearly joy,

Come; acquire this treasure of wet stuff;

Silvery tip-tip deepens every available aide

Pure life distills from the lofty branch- let,

A pacy white perennial stream is on a raid,

Polished jade vegetation, rinsed pavement is wet;

Everything is tame now, even the wild get modest

The sweet scent of sand is tempting to taste,

I want to be wet party, some momento to keep;

Watery pearls blush their face in late Sun rays,

Feathered creatures in row, rainbow crescent sways,

Candour heart inhaling aromic worship,

The earth colorfully adorned like an Indian bride

In her first monsoon, commanding pride



Sandeep Kumar mishra



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