The Mad Hatter’s Tidal Tea Party. North Devon, Sept 30th 2020. (Photo: XR Global Newsletter, 44)

At the junction, choose hill or plain
To hide with me or be able to see.
Buildings interrupt the mind
Smoke, glove, hearth, hand –
To settle or be unsettled
What shall we say?

On the day we were meant to leave
The future was late, the past declined               
The locks all broke, the glass smoked blind
Wood, wound, crown, shield
To die or live
Which would be wiser?

Now from the corner I look behind
The tarmac brightens to sudden silver
The young become old except inside
Stem, voice, root, choir
To run or walk
Can we know what’s safer?

We always thought we’d end alone
Yet upon the sea are now together
The land gives up and the sky gets wide
You, me, our, hour
Never or always known
Do you ever doubt fortune’s favour?

Have we arrived or will we never?
The days keep changing sides – warm or cold, which is better?
But up beyond the cliff a white cross points inland
Rocks, waves, shore, shatter   
Here we might consolidate
Abandon hate, begin again, plant or scatter
Never to doubt fortune’s favour.


© Lawrence Freiesleben

Cumbria, 2020

‘Flight’ first appeared in: Don’t Touch Me Now – A collection of poetry, short stories and artwork. A charity eBook in support of Medecins Sans Frontieres: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/donttouchmenow

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By Lawrence Freiesleben

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