Covid Connections: In praise of the Artists from Chris White


Alan Dearling contacted his new-ish friend, Chris White, asking him for permission to share his poem, his Ode in Celebration of Artists and Creators. Those fab personages, who, especially in these Covid-ridden, Strange Times, are like Oscar Wilde, very much “…living in the gutters, Looking at stars”.

Chris is a multi-talented, innovative, quirky and creative writer and illustrator. Go and check out his works. As he says, it includes Words, Poems and Drawings…Doodles and Scribbles, Books…and much, much more. He hit the ground running with ‘Bitey the Veggie Vampire’ in 2000 and seems to never look back!

His website is filled with lots of juicy bits, vids and invitations to get involved, including ‘Create with Chris’ at his Youtube Channel. It’s crammed with fun, joy and wonderment: 

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