from Licentiam







petroglyphs in xinjiang depict  palaeolithic  kitty  kink

dismounting delosian phallus ass-lining snags  eikonic

corona megalith, superdeity of  heel  dom humiliation

luscious labial concentrate lapped from peuter chalice

leakage staining gold breastplate of coital  consortium

as a forest of ceremonial clits snipped balladeer scene

dark seeping dreams of a brabantian painter  scat-play

cock-shaped fabergé with iron maiden inner-workings

of this assbastard patch gutted 51% beige & 49% grey





squick-sapio mux tryst, receptors firing bioluminant,  eggs in rows half-buried, houseboy in electro puppy suit hits sub hypnagogic fog,  compersion after careonanistic charge, sub clank,  vermin cord congealing their nolove orgasm, striated disc, then squint, most of the arc-boutant, to percolate longshot curvatures, auditory beats, launch blackening flanks organ theft and pulps in unzipped leather  pants  out fickle  whim of bean, shy fabiform





cover-up clandestine pages without  unstapeal inertia,

red documentalists, neat quisling  references our dais,

bolt-tugs are squeaking, adtorsion, every diastic body

huMp acrostic-clear, — —b spectop or it’s tautonym

used bodychecks, steganographia, canary HUMINTS, asset recruiting, spanky vestibule and prune copyright infringement, shears any reference to a woody camrip, an analog hole, beat bitwords, Q0, Q1,  …,  Qm-1,  anti,  defect,  into a vomit warez






in ostreal real,  gaw at nidgeous approval  of zelotypia

nudge for reciprocals, to suggillate,  to blacken  testes

cawing, carping, to finish, sweat-fuelled botany, break

web sigils, reeking of spawn-weed,  dowsing  rod dips

the sub-zone takes, bobbing lids,  a felled thalamus, a

jarring sense of  unclenching feral,  mystic gulf, pagan

godhead, violent venereal transverberation, obscenity

spiritualibus affectionibus  carnals fluxus  liquore  maculantur,

delectation from the temple roof, pernicious sex-tech





back-hander down-fast play-with in-thick lather up homogeneity-fumbles, stockings laddered to moist femurs holding firm,  form a shelf, a graffitied “M”  oculus wasps nest in crevices unseen, drooling cat- fish, <Fps>20</Fps>, accidentals, emaciated ring sung out in oscillator blips, un-furtive, wormy gait,     stockholmed wreckage,  play me misophonia  back fist-persecution complex, sniggering echoes  linger pixelated  bracken  and  bouts  of  buffering   lychnis,





Daniel Y Harris & Jonathan Mulcahy-King

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