Green Dream: The One Where Nature Has Had Enough

dreamt a vision  in these dead C21 nights
nature be like: ‘fuck this shit’ – rise up like proles on fire!
rise up in revolt w/o a single meme
w/o the high-street chuggers,
w/o dues,
pissing instead on mute petitions,
to rise up in the light-polluted night
the night before the Early Day Motion
in all its glorious uselessness

rise up the red-eyed sloths
go puke on the money-stuffed pillows of all sleeping MP’s,
go you berserking bulls; rampage down town like crazy Cardiff hen-night,
as them great old oaks fall on yr smart homes,
flopping down as if exhausted on hotel bed

let all world nature rise like bile,
this earthquake built to break the needle
go like Japanese knotweed, slither thru the black, leather-seated boardrooms
run people run!
run from the joyriding leylandii,
don’t stand gawping at them tired brown silky otters on the come-down, flaked out in dead-metal bus-stops
as grit-sick snakes lay eggs in the wet graffiti underpass illuminated
in the cold mortician’s fridge-light flickering, failing final light
as platoons of red dead poppies reach tall and take up arms and
lay siege the poison barracks of state

and rain?
rain roars down the street sweeping aside Fords & Beemers as if rushing thru these real Black Friday early eager doors;
even the symbolic ants revolt,
crawl en masse over shaking snivelling mankind hoisting late his white flag
as a drunk WWF panda raises instead their own weary standard
our overdue defeat
as their flag flaps in the howl of the slow poison radioactive wind
in a world of flame
in a world of war
all sides defeated




by Karlostheunhappy


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