Handprint Sculpture Celebrates 50 years of the Isle of Wight Festival

Sculptor Guy Portelli is creating a sculpture commemorating 50 years of the Isle of Wight Festival with handprints of musicians and those associated with the Festival over the years.


The on-going piece of sculpture was on show at Tapnell Farm over the August 31st weekend, where the first festival was held in 1968. This is a two year project that will be completed in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1970 festival, one of the major events in music history.

Contributors so far have been Arthur Brown, Phil May & Dick Taylor of The Pretty Things,  Julie Felix (pictured), Ashley Hutchings, Carl Palmer, Frankie Miller, Roger Chapman and Mick Fleetwood (pictured).

Julie Felix signs her handprint

Mick Fleetwood draws his hand for the sculpture and below, the result.

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