Handsome Crows


                                                      for Ken Bolton

Ken, this is from your poem,
“Italian Chronicles─Birds of Rome”:

“A handsome kind of crow they have around here─
two-toned, black & a lighter chocolate-charcoal colour.”

The two crows in Copenhagen, near
the Little Mermaid, at a dock, feathered silver and black,

prowled water-smoothed
rocks, dipped

glinting beaks into
polluted water, and pecked at asphalt squares

the size of half a postcard. Early
morning. A swan

and cygnets lowered heads
into water, near a boat, floating

inside the almost black
reflected, elongated, triangle of a hull. I thought

of your crows, there all day and night inside
your poem, as the two here leapt

to fly

above these wet, gleaming


John Levy

                                 (7/30/18, 1/23/22)

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