Hell to the Enemies

I see you dying under the sky.
I see you fading away.
I see your corpses and your spirits fly,
Like a wild bird towards its prey.
Your voices are no more strong;
Silence gripped them.
You are free after so long;
You are free from shame.

I see you dying successfully.
I see you passing away.
I see the Death brutally,
Removes all your gay.
I see you turning into ashes.
I see you in frame.
I see the wounds and gashes-
Are burning into flame.

I see you dying together.
I see you going hell.
I see you going far,
From this earthly spell.
I see you behind the scene,
Loosing your existence therefore.
Dear enemies! Hurrah!
I see you no more!



~By, Tiyasha Khanra, Kolkata, India
Illustration Nick Victor

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