Dharma Rain Jazz 2











Sometimes I wake up at midnight
to pour some milk to the cat
and then I go back to sleep
only to dream how I’m buying a new water heater.

Sometimes I cry while preparing lunch
over destiny of nineteen Syrian refugees
caught in a train somewhere in Croatia.
Sometimes I play
Crosby, Stills & Nash’s
„ Lady of the island“
and my tears seem so naive untill I look at my skin
and realize I’m growing fish scales of solitude on it.
Sometimes I aloud Sun to soften me.
And then all of my hesitation disappears.
At least for a minute.

Finally, some truths need to come out of the closet.
Together with monsters.

I keep you under the radar,
right here in my heart atrium.
You and three others
I keep  in my wallet
in my underwear
in my tax return application form.

But only because of you
I cry every time someone mentions lighthouses.

Sometimes I get mummified by smoke
and then I think everything will turn out fine.


I squeeze all of our dreams between my thighs,
 train platforms
and akward insinuations.

There’s nothing in here that you can love
or wipe the tears while someone’s howling at Pluto.
There’s nothing in here that you can love
so let’s just stop pretending.
We’re running out of time
while I’m exploring that dangeorus substance on your lips.
Chemical weapons, some might call it.


Dharma Rain Jazz
Art Nick Victor

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