Higher Education 

it smaller

Dear Senior Management Team,
this dry New Economic Territory
of which you always seem to speak
appears to me devoid of words I love –
no Fraxinus excelsior, no fritillaries, or foxgloves

Each day I wander into it
wearing my new gabardine,
Sou’wester and galoshes
to slew away your rain of acronyms –

it makes me want to find the hidden tarn
in the corries, where the language I dream
lies in wait, like coelacanths and plesiosaurs;

it makes me want to let the language
lumber out of the primitive swamp
made up of P.D.Ps and S.S.Rs

to slide itself up evolution’s double helix,
letting axolotlshummingbirdsleaf-nosed bats
assume their rightful, gaudy place
beyond the limits of your
prolix, Precambrian world.

Andy Brown
illustration Nick Victor


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