Four days had gone by since,
                                           Four days of listening appalled
                                           To children who talk like bomb
                                           Happy veterans I was there with
                                           me mate and don’t laugh but
                                           when it started we held hands
                                           and he says we’ll get down the
                                           front and be over that fence and
                                           there was men lifting kids passing
                                           them along like at gigs and there’s
                                           one girl freakin’ cos yer can see
                                           her knicks and then next thing
                                           a know am over the top and am
                                           shoutin’ me mate but when a
                                           looked back he was gone four days
                                           Of nightmares and grief you can taste,
                                           Four days of lies, puked me ring sir
                                           and some fella says all right girl
                                           gives me his snot rag gets me up
                                           on me feet and a see this one busy
                                           workin’ on some lad and he’s got
                                           his jacket off and he’s screamin’
                                          oh fer fuck’s sake please breathe
                                          Tear ducts run dry, four days of
                                          Waiting for one kind word from
                                          On high until finally I went to
                                          The Head who said yes, she’d
                                          Seen a child psychologist and yes
                                          There was a right way to deal with
                                          All this and yes one wrong word
                                          Could inflict…but no she hadn’t
                                          Offered to share with the staff
                                          Because she wasn’t obliged
                                          And besides, no-one had asked.




                        Kevin Patrick McCann

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