War does not determine who is right — only who is left.
Bertrand Russell


Death walks abroad again, trampling everything beneath his
feet. Crushing the dying and the dead but the living too; revenge
digs deep into hearts, breeds another generation that feeds on
hate, drinks from the well of retribution. Peace flies away, hides
in a bunker deep underground; sends an urgent message to
Pandora, begs her to check the lid is fastened tight upon her
box. We know there’s not much left inside but it’s all we have.


Tonnie Richmond

Tonnie Richmond lives in Leeds and has spent many summers as a volunteer archaeologist in Orkney. She has had poems published by Yaffle, Dreamcatcher, The High Window, Black Nore and Dawntreader and others. Her first pamphlet, Rear-view Mirror, will be published by Yaffle Press in November 2023.





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