How to Be a Flawed Person

Reflect the world in its fucked-up state.
Colour-code your eyes for each disaster.
Protect your so-male privilege. Don’t
let voices differ. Insist
only you are ever right.

Pretend you have money, or own it,
never actually living if you’re not
three thou in the red. Pick up an expensive
opioid habit. Smoke. Do cocaine. Do heroin.
Do cocaine AND heroin.
Drink champagne from Harrod’s.

Throw your rubbish in the sea. Point out
you’re doing it. Throw your dirty laundry
into your neighbours’ gardens, or
into offshore tax havens.
Blame everything on millennials.

Touch lots of women.
Reinforce honour killings.
Support rapists.
Make that borderline your highway.

Support military spending.
Send pacifists to the front line.
Own many guns. Own many people
to shoot them for you.
Believe #alllivesmatter.

I must say, you’re doing awfully well.

Jennifer A McGowan
Illustration: Rupert Loydell





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