The sculpture should be dismantled progressively, with every step introducing new components and mechanical connectors which are to be detached from previously built art.

Taking sculptures apart can be fun and a learning experience, as my class found out at a Take It Apart Party. Students found magnets, small speakers, spirals of wire in a cone shape, and lots of soldered pieces inside. Dismantling turned out to be at least as much fun as putting it together.

Offer multi-step dismantling instructions in vector graphic format, grouping the graphic primitives into semantic elements representing individual parts, mechanical connectors (e.g. screws, bolts and hinges), arrows, visual highlights, and numbers.

The order of dismantling is not crucial, but top down is a good way to go. Begin with the easy-to-remove external accessories, using an open-ended wrench to disconnect. If bits do not spring loose easily, give them a gentle tap with a hammer, then lift them clear before abandoning the project.

Loosen all of the bolts and disconnect it from its mount. Push. Apply excessive pressure.

We are taking things apart because we want to.



   © Rupert M Loydell
      Bansky image

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