On Insight’s Lost in a Summer (2023)

With a Lotus Eaters still sheen, Insight’s Lost in a Summer

Song-shimmers; a piece of more than perfect pop pressing
Spectacular sun through the rain
                                                               of an Essex recording day

Where Nathan Wacey produces, summoning George Martin,
And Glyn Johns and Leckie, as he steers young musicians
From first stumbling steps to sound fame.

And this should be a band on the rise as this song sounds ecstatic;
Full of joy and the struggle of the eager heart’s wanting way.
For there are tears in the eye bred by the waters of yearning

As singer, songwriter and bassist, Ben Brocklebank’s mind
Has its say. From the first few seconds we know
That this is a quality product. Jake Doy and Callum Pitt’s

Guitars are a chorus singing for us through the strings.
Dan Doy’s drums keep us fixed to the pulse of love
Passing through it, as Wacey weaves each part wisely

Following the thread as Ben sings. This first song
Elevates and escalates past perfection. In sound, it brothers
Reference and reminders, but is original, fresh, and a friend,

Ushering in former songs without being like them.
It has Lotuses, La’s, Cast, Kubb, others, while showing that
Wacey’s own House of Love has no end.

There is a trace of the Cocteau’s Robin Guthrie here too, 
As dreampop meets Shoegaze, as I feel the years washing
From me, rinsed by the sound Nathan’s caught.

There are so many groups in so many corners
But unlike every small spider, or insect these beatling
Brothers in flesh and faith have now taught

How youth in its climb can claim the stars quickly.
Each chord they play glistens courtesy of the desk.
At 2.56 there’s a pause as the message sounds redelivered.

Brocklebank’s voice climbs the star-steps as we can’t wait
To hear what comes next. At 4.36 this one song for me
Restores visions. Times, too and feelings that I went through

At their age. When Pop did not pass, and yet also meant
Transportation, from the slow world of men barely stirring
To the faster States of becoming. Songs were spells.

I remember. And so here with this magic I, in one listen
Predict a bright future in which these small stars start
Shining, in either Essex, or Eden. They are not lost.

They hold summer. Dream as they dare.
Seek their stage.


                                                                    David Erdos 7/5/23




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