i am here to ruin your gender a transmasc manifesto


gender is an identity. gender is an expression. gender is how you look, how you act, how you’re expected to act by others. gender is a role. gender is a position. gender is an imposition. gender is what the cisheteropatriarchy wants you to do, wants you to be—how it wants you to submit. it assigns it to you at birth, based on how you look, and from then on you’re expected to keep up your act for the rest of your life. gender, like Judith Butler famously says, is a performance—but some of us don’t follow the script. some of us won’t follow the script.

and some of us aren’t even satisfied with not following the script either. no, we want to burn the whole stage down. trans, not as in transition, but in transgression. transmasculinity—transgressing masculinity. i am not here to act like a man—i am here to ruin your gender. i am here to look like you without acting like how you want me to. i am here to destroy all unities among expression, emotion, interaction, domination, and submission which you hold sacred and essential to your role as creator and enforcer of the cisheteropatriarchy. and in my destruction, i will not only create myself, but create space for others to do the same to you and your enabling ilk.

agender isn’t enough—i need to be antigender. i am not simply satisfied with removing myself from your system and finding community with others who have done the same. i will not be satisfied until your entire system of domination and exploitation of all who are not your gender is gone. gender is a conspiracy. gender exists to serve hierarchy. and i refuse to serve.

Reprinted from typhotic iceberg



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