“I am the Truth”

“I am the Truth,”
said Sufi Hallaj
And they put him
to death.
It is dangerous enough
to tell the truth
but if you are the Truth
you had better keep
your trap shut.
Even then
truth would escape
from your eyes
And form a halo
over you
larks would sing
they would alight on you
they would nest in your beard
you’d be like the man in Lear’s limerick.
Practice deceit
It’s safer.
“Is mé an Fhírinne,”
arsa Sufi Hallaj
agus chuireadar
chun báis é.
Tá sé priaclach go leor
an fhírinne a insint
ach más tú Fhírinne
b’fhearr duit do chlab
a choimeád dúnta.
Fiú ansin
sceithfeadh an fhírinne
ó do shúile
Bheadh sí ina
luan os do chionn
chanfadh fuiseoga
thuirlingeoidís ort
neadóidis id fhéasóg
bheifeá ar nós mo dhuine I luimneach úd Lear.
Cleacht an claon
is é is sábháilte.
Gabriel Rosenstock
Montage: Claire Palmer
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