I Want My Mind Back

suelena noguer  






I want my mind back.
I’m not sure where it’s gone,
Its rather old, seen better days.
From childhood dreams thru’ purple haze
To dizzy love and deaths cold stare.

I want my mind back
So I can make it up.
I’m sure I’d made a decision
To be kinder to it,
To call a truce, sue for peace.

I want my mind back
Without it life floats about
Unsure and detached,
Like a leaf on the road
At the mercy of random swirls.   

I want my mind back
So I can pick my paths
From damaged choices.
Without it I’m on tow
Pulled by hidden forces.

I want my mind back
It holds important stuff.
Grey merges definition,
Life’s constant crossword
Defeats me without it.
I want my mind back
I wish I could remember what to do,
How to drop anchor,
How to be still,
Till’ it finds its way home.

I want my mind back.



Written by Francis de Aguilar©.
Collage: Suelena Noguer


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