when you cry, I will kiss away your tears,
when you bleed, bleed for me, and I will drink you,
when it’s too dark, I will drill pinholes in the sky
to bathe you in the glow of celestial wonder,
when the day is too bright, I will move worlds
into new planetary alignments so you can
be quiet and rest in the stillness of eclipse,
when you are the asylum seeker
I will smash down walls to welcome you in,
when you are the terrorist I will be your suicide-vest,
detonating us into such sweet fragmentation,
when you are naked I will lick the soles
of your feet, lick your ankles and your calves,
lick your knees and your inner thighs, and
lick your pussy until we’ve both had our fill,
when you are lost I will be your satnav
so we can lose ourselves anew in each other,
when you give me head I will be the spermatozoa
in your throat, in your gut, in your intestinal tract
yielding to the soft extinction of your digestive juices,
when the alien saucers crowd the skies
vaporising New York, London, Moscow and Beijing
and they beam us into the shining luminosity of their
laboratory, transplant your head onto my body
and my head onto your body, we will merely
keep on loving each other through different genitalia,
when you are diseased I will eat your cancer,
when you succumb to global pandemic
I will be the needle and the inoculation and
the retrovirus thronging your bloodstream,
when you are dead I will pluck weird science
lightning from the storm to reanimate you
because even death could never keep us apart,
when the nukes fall we will melt together
into a single puddle of radioactive protoplasm,
and when the Earth burns, as surely it must,
we will incandesce together, the molecules
of our ashes will blow on the thermals,
inextricably mixed, evolving into
new organisms in a transfigured world,
and we simply begin loving again,
when you cry, I will kiss away your tears…

Andrew Darlington

Website: www.andrewdarlington.blogspot.com

By Andrew Darlington

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