If Wong Kar Wai had a radio show

If Wong Kar Wai had a radio show. Lucky Cat is a tasty chop suey of musical treats with East Asian movie reviews and recipes in the dim sum lunchbox, presented by Zoë Baxter. This week: we are treated to a guest mix by Wanita Music founder, DJ Jawa Jones.


Jawa’s tracks:
1. Sister Cookie – The Sins of the Father
2. Mahalia Jackson – Elijah Rock
3. Shirley – Big Boss Man
4. Connie Kim – Lý Luận Tình Yêu
5. MItty Collier – Pain
6. The Cat – Soul People Say
7. Carol Kim- Tình Ta Như Lửa Đơm Hoa
8. Rita Chao – Crying in the Storm
9. Dee Dee Sharp – Deep Dark Secret


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