Imagining A Post-Covid World

Imagining a post-covid world
Thinking of how our lives might unfurl

Would some kids learn to appreciate school?
But still say they hate it just to sound cool?
We might have realised what it truly means to be bored
Perhaps we’ll build homes people can actually afford?

Will governments remember to properly fund health care?
You can clap for our carers but can you look after their welfare?
Maybe key workers will begin to be treated like their needed
Vital voices and warnings may no longer go unheeded

Will people begin to think of others when they vote?
Maybe start to realise we’re not all in the same boat?
Some are in yachts whilst others are capsizing
And their cries for help are being treated like an uprising

Will racists still think they’re making countries great?
If they find a covid vaccine will they find one for hate?
Could we stop institutions from continuing to discriminate?
How much longer will those fighting for equality have to wait?

Possibly people could stop thinking it’s strange
When you say you give a sh*t about climate change?
Maybe value the Amazon more than Amazon.Com?
Alexa … where the f*ck have all the trees gone?

I’ll have to keep on imagining until then
As I sit here staring at my walls again




Jonathan Owen

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