Had a cousin insane and was himself 
Insane before, has that restless
Hesitating way of a dull weak minded Tawdry child and fancies
Rawcliffe Hall is rightly his, becomes Incoherent when told to justify this
Claim, says he need do no work now
But can spend his days in idleness…

I had faith
In thold squire,
Faith that eed do
Right by me,
Recognise his only son,
o right, as well,
By my old mam
And if this is all my fancy
Explain the three Queens
Who hailed her as sister,
Explain the three Kings
Who knelt before me,
Explain the angels
Who sing me to sleep.            

He was once fallen from a cart,
His skull left so deeply dented
I can insert my finger knuckle deep,
Was committed by his brother who fears Him turning violent and asks that he be kept Here as
long as he needs be.





Kevin Patrick McCann
Illustration Nick Victor






From Still Pondering

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