What if I die today?
The sun will continue to rise every morning.
The river will take its regular course.
The birds will chatter.
The winds will blow in its direction.
No difference will take place.
And what if I live today?
The world will split into two.
In one part, the sun will rise.
In another, my hope will fall.
In one the river will flow and-
In other the heavy pain.
In one someone will start to dream.
In other my heart will stop to beat.
In one the birds will chatter and-
In other my cry will go through and beyond.
In one the whimsical wind, in its way.
In other my breathe will fluctuate.
Life and death! Life and death!
What if I die tomorrow?
The world will earn me some grief.
And next day it’s all memory- –
My heart, my breathe, my cry and me.
Only the sun is perfect and I’m pieced.
Only the river is deep and I’m so hollow.
Only the birds are free and I’m stuck.
Only the wind is permanent and I’m lost.
World followed! I failed!
And what if I live tomorrow?
My scar will have no effect on the earth.
The earth will go on and on and on.
My will for live, will not reach to the sky.
The sky will remain unreached for ever.
My melancholy will not turn anyone.
Not anyone will take a share of it.
It will die along with me or It will live if I……

……so! What if I die today?
Or I live tomorrow?
The world will split into two:
One, unchanged!
Another, upside down!




By, Tiyasha Khanra
Photo Nick Victor



Bio – Tiyasha Khanra is a poet, live in Kolkata, India. Poetry is her alter ego. She lives in poetry, feeds in poetry and dies in poetry








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