In close proximity (for PS)




Punk Poet Priestess

Priestess Punk Poet

Poet Priestess Punk

Symphony Hall

Free Money 

behind doors closed

bag dress Jolene 

Central Park

Levi jeans new

searching out the infinite eyes

time on your side & place

Elgin Theatre put a face

to who you were

destined to be

New Year’s Eve


Fuck the Clock hallucination

Bowery Ballroom

Tea Room proprietress infatuation

all alone and lonely

all alone and lonely

in amongst the crowd 

the mother you are Meltdown

Writing Room Boathouse

someone triggered 

in close proximity



Banga Bath

with daughter on the street 

I have lost my page

Central Hall

I have lost my page

age and rage

rage and age

age and age and age . . .


your face I see every time

who are you to me?

you are who to me?

who to me are you?

I will wake up

I will wake up

I will wake up





The Red Propellers

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