In Sympatico with Günter Grass

The Ass-Backward Alchemy of Zionist Myth

By stealing those parcels of arid acreage in the Middle East, Zionists will match generations

of hostile Goyim in the harm they level upon future Jewry: By having chosen mindless might over

justice and fairness, they have bestowed a wasteland upon the human hearts of their descendants.

Every human… being is born, powerless and vulnerable, into a world they did not create. Ergo,

for the awakening heart of the young, it can be a barren land, a dreamscape of ghosts, built by

the bony hands of the dead … their mouldering myths carrying the cold of the grave not the eros

of the breathing moment. Ghosts such as these curse at the present with the imprecatory psalms

implicit in the foundation of the Zionist state — and, as the nation’s history unfurled, became

explicit in her policies. Israel’s collective brutalities are the blind thrashings of traumatized souls

who, in their agonies, wound all near them. Such forces of toxic, displaced vehemence can uncouple

us from our humanity, warping libido into murderous intent, reducing meaningful endeavor

to selfish striving, and twisting our exuberance into zealotry, thereby achieving a form

of ass-backward alchemy by transforming living human beings into resentful shades — those seemingly

no longer here… reacting rather than responding, reciting propaganda as opposed to seeking meaning,

squandering the golden, eternal moment before us by transmuting it into leaden habituations

of the mind. For all appearances becoming a ghost, haunting the moments of one’s own life — non-responsive,

sans retrograde resentment, to the élan vital of the world — dead, but for the redundancy of

one’s breathing. In this way, the spirit of a culture can become a mob of resentful, vicious

ghosts. With ghosts, the context of their suffering is misplaced. They cannot haunt those who gave them

injury. Their tormentors are long dead as well. The raging spirits of the Zionist state can

no longer locate the historical oppressors of the Jewish people, for they have long since been conscripted

to dust. Hence, the adherents of Zionism reap vengeance against those living souls who misfortune has

placed near them.The Jewish state demands its neighbors make amends for crimes they did not commit

— to cower before the steel-toe might of its military and make perpetual penitence for the

sins of Europe. Even if they did so: Such an act would not return to flesh the ashen remains of

the millions who made their graves in the death-blackened winds of twentieth century Europe.


Phil Rockstroh

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