The primary rules of the game
determine a pattern of interaction,
an innovative theoretical system
for poverty alleviation and development
in the new era, a pattern of experience
which undoubtedly feels more coherent.

Brutalism evolved into something bold
and confrontational, internal surjections
correspond to external split epimorphisms,
an ongoing relationship between the two
approaches regarding flow related to image,
quantifiers and their relations to control.

A type theory derived from the relation
between models and sentences returns
as a logical column vector using only
the fixed-point property of fix, a mode
of connecting images and sounds
which will always get false positives.

Listen to events defined by responders.
If you have a fireball flinging mage
then the damage of their fireballs
should be consistent. You should not
permit organized opposition to emerge
nor build circuits for said operation.

A neurobiological language can be used
to explain cognitive structure, behaviour
and interaction, a one-party system
determined on the page and by
the dream-leaps I can make writing
within the application boundary.

It really is a nuisance when internal logic
breaks down, even if you accept the idea
of failure as a form of learning. Take
the most ordinary parts of our lives, crack
them open, and find the weirdness within.
Our history has already been written.





   © Rupert M Loydell
Photo Nick Victor



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