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it9 Feb 27 – Mar 12 1967: Front cover illustration is by Michael English. John Wilcock’s – Other Scenes; Jean Paul Sartre is discussed by Emile Henry – mentioning everything from Dada to Artaud to Jime Dine to Peter Brook; LA Provosmoke; P.J. Proby talks to Norman Pilkington; The Living Theatre; Censorship; Tuli Kupferberg – ‘When the mode of the music changes the walls of the city shake’; David Mairowitz discusses how Swinging London might or might not be..swinging; Homelessness – The People exposed; Clayton Eshleman, ‘Burn Baby Burn’; Alexei Nikolaevich Kosygin – non-interview; Psyching in the New Age by Peter Stansill; Vietnam; Alexei Kosygin; Mal Dean cartoon; Ad for “Academic Freedom Night” at the Roundhouse with Pete Brown, Ian Campbell Folk Group, George Melly, Adrian Mitchell, Lionel Ngakane and Annie Ross; Ad for Anti-Apartheid Folk Song Concert with 3 City Four, Roy and Val Bailey, Stan Kelly, Dave and Dave and Barrie Beattie; Ad for Pink Floyd and the Soft Machine at UFO; Announcement for Tjebbe van Tijen Happening in the Museum of Modern Art; -16 pp

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