Interzone – Celebrating 100 years of William Burroughs

Celebrate cult beat writer William S Burroughs 100th Birthday in London
 with an immersive experience combining promenade theatre, music, performance, film and art.
Friday 7th Febuary 2014 
 8pm – 3am – Tickets From £20
William S Burroughs is cited as “one of the most politically trenchant, culturally influential,and innovative artists of the 20th century.” His legacy continues to foresee what now fills the headlines of the world today.
Burroughs’ writing and ideas changed the course of literature
and his multi-media collaborations spawned new directions in film and music.
To mark the William S Burroughs centenary, a few days after what would have been his 100th birthday, 
Guerrilla Zoo presents an experiential event inspired by his life and times. Based within the strange and seedy surreal “metaphorical stateless city” of ‘Interzone‘ inspired by the cult beat writer whilst in the north Moroccan city of Tangier during 1950s, where he wrote his acclaimed influential nonlinear novel Naked Lunch (published almost 55 years ago). The event, which takes the world of Burroughs’ writing and brings them to life with an immersive spectacle, combines promenade theatre, music, performances art, films and art installations – Think Naked Lunch meets Punch Drunk.
Interzone is an independent self governed stateless state.
Its inhabitants are a motley mix of the down and outs, outcast, criminals, and the rich and famous from throughout the rest of the world. Built around a heaving marketplace where anything’s for sale, the city sprawls organically, mutating everyday under the actions of it’s inhabitants. The rule here is the moment, action defines the atmosphere and anything that can be dreamed can happen, if you can find the right collaborators.

Dubious refugee crews of ’Wild Boys’, decadent artists, gun-runners, government agents criminals, artists, drug smugglers, tax-evading tycoons and beat eccentrics thread their ways about each other, amongst magikal and alien creatures, through the alleyways, cafes and bars creating
unrepeatable moments of intense human theatre.

Buy your ticket to travel.
Pack your Passport.
Step into a microcosm of all the world by moonlight.
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Many thanks
James Elphick
Creative Director | Curator
Guerrilla Zoo
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William Seward Burroughs II was born 5 February 1914 in St. Louis, Missouri. Burroughs was an innovative writer and artist in many mediums. A progenitor of the Beat Generation, Burroughs went on to deeply influence a wide swath of culture and thought with dozens of books and hundreds of paintings, essays, spoken word performances and multi-media collaborations. The relevance of this work persists in modern times as he made many prescienct predictions of technological evolution and oversteps of ‘Control’. Burroughs’ stated purposes included exposing systems of oppression and creating a “mythology for the space age.” Burroughs was informed by a lifetime of dialogue with provocative and penetrating thinkers. Often these interactions sparked new directions in writing, film, sound, and visual art. Notable collaborators include Antony Balch, Ian Sommerville, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg, George Condo, Philip Taaffe, Robert Wilson, Tom Waits, Kurt Cobain, John Giorno, Terry Southern, Sinclair Beiles, & Gregory Corso. He continued writing until the day he died.  On 2 August 1997, Burroughs passed away at home at the age of 83.Burroughs was not only a highly influential writer in the realm of arts, but in the cultural landscape at large.  Aside from the numerous recordings and album releases that Burroughs directly participated in (check out Kurt Cobain‘s The “Priest” They Called Him), Burroughs is constantly referenced by musicians; David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs was inspired by Burroughs & Brion Gysin‘s “cut-up” technique, Burroughs figure is on the cover of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, and ‘Interzone’ is referenced in the widely remixed “Atlantis to Interzone” by the Klaxons.
In the current film industry’s obsession with the Beat Generation over the last few years many films have been bringing Burroughs and his literary cohorts legacy to a younger generation; James Franco played Ginsberg in 2010’s “Howl,” Sam Riley and Garret Hedlund were the ambling Kerouac and Cassady in last year’s adaptation of “On the Road” where Burroughs was portrayed by Viggo Mortensen. December saw the release of John Krokidas’ “Kill Your Darlings” with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe portraying Ginsberg and Ben Foster as Burroughs.
“He was one of the most forward-thinking minds we have had. We can feel the waves of his influence today.” Ben Foster on playing Burroughs.Through Burroughs multiple creative outputs it is clear his legacy has an enduring and continuing social and political relevance bringing to light some very important issues that are still in tune with the times today.
Celebrate Burroughs Centinary birthday at Guerrilla Zoo’s Interzone event. Make it through the checkpoints and NSA interrogations to get your passport stamped and be unleashed into the city of Interzone, filled with Burroughsian characters and experiences, for one unforgettable night only! This is one party you will not want to miss!
WHAT: Guerrilla Zoo presents Interzone
WHERE: Secret Location, London
WHEN: Friday 7th Feburary 2014 
TIMES: 8pm – 3am
PRICE: From £20, [Adv Only]
 Georgia Camp
 Press I Easy Tiger Ltd
James Elphick
Creative Director I Guerrilla Zoo


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