Iron willed

Lands amass governed.
A midnight stroke
Pitfalls along cultural heritage
A heavy pitch forked.
Nuisance in common parlance
A slap for uniformity.

Layers and order
Multiple realities
Flags, food, roof cased eye
Lying under the earth
Big men have blind eyes.

Eyeless gazes over the deep purple
A earthy tenacity farmer like.
Starry scape a brownish mudhill
Penalty if crossed borders
Blurred lines
Keep it political.
Suck among the armchairs.

Keeping my binoculars sane enough
Every night
A burnt scooped meal
Iron willed masculine hardness
Migrations and penniless
A boy with a brush palette
An opera of the mind
Shadows scoop over shadows
Waiting for autumnal bliss.

For now,
Rituals and a tunnel vision
A long haul at the back
Waiting and trying
Keeping the wheelbarrow on
For his dotted waiting
A feminine ending
He knows, she knows.
Her silenced fall
Watery depths
Lethal, lethe driven drive
Taboos, a rotten slacking hill.
Never seen enough
Still for now
Rituals, a safe promise
Iron willed like independence.



Sayani Mukherjee




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