trapped beneath the feet/political sewers
infamous tony blair & tiny hairs
& bloody ink gutters run between
the hampstead & highgate express
& the islington gazette
cerebral supporters of the arsenal
lenin & Jeremy Corbyn
(together on one live recording)
they bleed their neurons nightly
magnificently on the balcony
remember geordie armstrong on the wing
& a seething mass of white irish
the smell of bertie mee
& charlie george years later
the never-ending buzz of arsene wenger
the wheels of the crush
recalled the speeches they made
the royal woolwich & marches
bands at the angel pub
roughly sleeping
the wheels of the crush
prisoners of the sex trade
the boys and girls
the girls and boys
layered in topical alliance
ghostly gods and goddesses
their bricked in luxury apartments
replacing cop shops
the town hall clock
divisions of temple money
& we of splendid words
our banners flared against fake democracy
& we do not support
the wheels of the crush
our tongue’s inflamed in irons of welt & stone
& highbury
& the graves of our traitors
below the city streets
(you cannot meet us)
we are beyond your expectations.


Clive Gresswell




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