The Boris Johnson 3by3by3s


Ghost Town No. 10

Boris Johnson is a waking nightmare
Boris Johnson is a great friend to everyone
Boris Johnson is little understood

Boris Johnson declares state of emergency
Hundreds of Boris Johnson have been evacuated
Boris Johnson is a catastrophic incident

Boris Johnson took a grim new twist
Boris Johnson is an accident
Boris Johnson was pronounced dead

Splash the Cash

Spending plans have been unveiled.
Boris Johnson’s name is stamped all over
this new post-Covid economy:

Failure to provide adequate supervision
Failure to provide medical care
Injury to a child by omission.

Eat Out To Help Out,
live with skeletal remains,
abandoning public finances.

A Shameful Day

Democracy’s main entrance is closed
due to a serious police incident.
A woman has now been sacked.

One might say it was shocking
but it corresponds to a pattern of behaviour,
misconduct to overturn the system.

Democracy stops functioning when
government acts to curb participants.
Boris Johnson reacted angrily.


This Week’s File

Armed police have surrounded
one of your favourite jumpers.
We all know the feeling.

Have the moths been feasting?
Boris Johnson will investigate ways
of repairing a moth-eaten jumper

but did not comment on
Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab
repairing and upcycling treasured items.


Leaked Party Rules

Boris Johnson has not apologised
Boris Johnson has not ruled
Boris Johnson is minded to move

The PM said he was taking people for fools
The PM said no rules had been broken
The PM should just admit what had happened

Boris Johnson is a party joke
Boris Johnson is laughing at the Covid rules
Boris Johnson makes a mockery of us all


No Rules Broken

The Christmas lights are twinkling under pressure
and there is the sight of scores of Conservative MPs
voting against public health measure proposed last week.

Many of us think we have a novel inside us:
because they want to keep partying,
Boris sees himself as an energetic fiddler.

Don’t start a sex scene when your mother-in-law is visiting,
it doesn’t make sense. Sleaze and parties turn voters off,
they have little festive cheer. Bring in all the precautions.


Positive Djok Shock

A judge has rejected Prince Andrew’s attempt
to commit sexual assault and battery upon her.
Boris Johnson has apologized for Novak Djokovic.

The Duke of York is being sued by Keir Starmer
who said he did attend after hearing arguments.
Boris Johnson apologized before he confessed.

The leader of the opposition said the Prime Minister
was ‘offensive’ and an ‘error of judgement’.
Boris Johnson refuses to throw out his own booze.




Rupert Loydell


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